Frequently asked questions

1. What is Swiss certification?

The École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) is a hospitality management school in Switzerland. The school is consistently regarded as the best hospitality school in the world. It trains students whose goals are to obtain managerial careers in the hotel and hospitality industries.

The VET by EHL licensing model offers organizations and training centers around the world the opportunity to deliver plug and play hospitality programs and administer EHL-approved professional diplomas.

It has been designed as a scalable, affordable and attractive learning solution for students interested in working in the hospitality industry as well as adults who have opted for a career change.

Based on the Swiss Competency Framework – regarded as one of the best education models in the world – this blended skills training model is characterized by a strong learning outcomes approach and a competence-oriented structure of training content.

3. What are the courses offered?

Course offered are Professional Diploma /Certificate in Culinary, Professional Diploma /Certificate in F&B Service, Professional Diploma /Certificate in rooms Division and Professional Diploma /Certificate in hotel Administration.

4. Duration of the course?

-Certificate Level 6 months (3-month institute and 3 months Internship)

-Diploma 18 months (foundation+ Intermediate+ advance level)

5. Are the courses approved by the government?

Yes, the courses are approved by MoLHR

6. How much is the fees?
  • 55,000 per course for certificate courses
  • 1,65,000/per course for Diploma courses

7. How do we pay?

Need to pay in 3 installments. Nu. 15,000 advance during the registration, Nu. 20,000 in month 2, Nu. 20,000 in month 3)

8. Do we provide boarding facilities? How much extra needs to be paid?

Yes, we do provide boarding facilities with sharing of 4 persons in a rooms. Each will need to pay Nu. 1750 per month for room only.

9. Do you provide food:

No, we don’t provide food. Students have to self-cook

10. Dress code for school?
  • Gho & Kira for Theory Classes and EHL Uniform for practical classes (F&B Service,

Rooms Division, Hotel Administration)

  • Chef coat & black formal Trouser for culinary.

11. What if I withdraw the course in-between?

You will have to pay full course fee.

12. What are the opportunities after the training? Do you provide job opportunity in/out country?
  • After training, we provided job opportunities in country and in the middle east (Kuwait,

Qatar, Dubai, Abu Dabhi, Bahrain) through our overseas employment agency registered
under MOLHR as BISHT Overseas Placement Agency.

  • 3 chances will be given to sit for the interview to get into star hotels.
13. What if I don’t get selected for the 3rd time?

If you do not get selected in 3rd time, then you will be given chance to sit for interview in standard owned restaurant and caterings or you will have to take in country placement.

14. Do we have to pay agency fee for overseas employment?

No, placement is free for all the students trained at BISHT, However, students have to pay the visa fee only.

15. What will be my career pathways?
  • F&B service: waiter/waitress – F&B Captain – supervisor – Manager
  • Culinary: Commis II – Commis – DCDP – CDP – Junior Sous – Sous


  • Rooms Division: Room attendant /receptionist / reservationist/ GRE – supervisor


  • Hotel Administration: Room attendant /receptionist / reservationist/ GRE/laundry

attendant – supervisor – manager
waiter/waitress – F&B Captain – supervisor – Manager